How To Look After Your Rugs So They Last For Many Years

Published: 12th April 2013
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Rugs are offered in virtually all sizes and shapes, colours and styles and are usually made from all different types of fibers.The more affordable kinds are made from artificial fibers such as polypropylene and nylon, and the higher cost varieties are made of wool or wool mixture. The most costly types of rugs are often classified as Oriental, the very best recognised being Chinese and Persian; on the other hand Oriental rugs are not only made in China and Persia, in these modern times often called Iran,; they're also manufactured in regions like Afganistan, Kurdistan, India and Pakistan.

The costliest types are hand knotted or hand made. With the less expensive types being produced by machines. The highest price tagged Oriental rugs may be produced from pure silk, or a silk and wool mixture. These have an extremely fine tightly knitted pile and demand extra care when cleaning.

In between both of these main types of rug, the cheapest being made up of artifical fibres, and the Oriental ones being mainly produced from wool comes the modern day kind of rug which could very well be present in both traditional designs and patterns and the more contemporary designs and patterns, which are normally made out of wool.

The most affordable type of rugs manufactured from synthetic fibers tend to be the easiest to keep clean, the fabric dyes within are normally extremely stable, and additionally they are often very resistant to staining. To keep them clean they really need to be hoovered on a regular basis; stains really should be treated quickly as and when they arise, and they can be easily shampooed utilizing a carpet shampooing machine or applicator, along with any deposits being vacuumed off the following day. The colours will not run and there's almost no chance of shrinkage. Nevertheless to have the lengthiest life out of them they must be cleaned often, in particular when they have been in continuous use in places like livingrooms and halls. This becomes particularly important with young kids and pets. Repeated shampooing and getting rid of harmful unsightly stains and odours will help to lengthen their life. It is additionally worth mentioning that if these rugs are on a hard floor they will need to have a very good quality non slip underlay beneath them to avoid movement and slippage, and to reduce wear and tear.

The mid-range modern or traditional rugs that are predominantly wool demand a little more care and attention, as many of these can be very costly. Once more these will should be hoovered regularly, and bothersome stains will need to be taken care of without delay like before. They are able to be also shampooed just like the less costly man made fiber rugs on a consistent basis if there're in continuous use in high traffic areas. A lot more care really should be applied however when shampooing them as several of the dyes may not be stable and may run; moreover these kinds of rugs in the event that overwetting happens can sometimes shrink. More care will need to be taken when getting rid of bothersome stains. Use a high quality carpet and upholstery stain remover that is safe for wool carpets and fabrics. Always soak up the stains initially and just remember to work from the exterior of the mark inwards; follow the guidelines on the stain remover carefully. Shampooing them using warm water rather than hot will be the safest.

The Oriental type of rugs will often be the toughest to wash and look after, however with proper care and attention could last a life-time. Just like the other two different types, they will need regular vacuum cleaning to get rid of surface dirt and dust. Stains should be addressed in the same manner as already stated. Nevertheless the thing to look out for is that frequently the dyes in these kinds of rugs are unstable, so additional care requires to be taken; just use a gentle shampoo type spot and stain remover; and it's also a wise course of action to rinse the stain with just a little cold water on a moist clean white absorbant cloth to finish off.

Unattractive stains can be taken out from all three kinds of rug by using a carpet shampoo washing machine while using suction. The most up-to-date kind of upright machines typically have an upholstery attachment, which is usually the best approach to eradicate stubborn stains, particularly if they're fresh. Yet again check for colour fastness and never over wet the rug.

For cleaning Oriental rugs it's best to look for qualified professional advise and guidance as opposed to risk cleaning them oneself. This is particularly your situation with very expensive hand knotted or hand weaved rugs; rugs that are produced from silk or even a silk wool mixture, or even cotton, or wool were the the dyes may be unstable.

Employing well trained trained professionals should avoid any likelihood of damage, together with providing you with all the most advantageous long-lasting cleaning solutions for your unique sort of rugs. Even if this might prove quite expensive at any given time, in the long term it might add many years of additional life to them, averting the expense of early replacements.


Clive Sabin Runs a long established carpet and upholstery cleaning business based in north London, as part of his business he also regularly cleans rugs for his customers, and is often asked by them for advise on the best ways to clean and maintain their rugs in good condition.

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